The South Texas Advancement Resource (“STAR”) mission is exclusively scientific and educational, specifically, research, education and training in sustainable farming, ranching and land management.

  2. GOAL

Founded 2016 A registered 501(c)(3) Charity

319 Oak Ave

Aguilares, TX   78369


  • William F Raney - President and Treasurer
  • Gregory J Bastien – Vice President
  • Baltazar C Saenz - Secretary


 Board of Directors


William F Raney  / Chairman

Mr. Raney is a veteran businessman and entrepreneur who has founded and directed companies primarily in the technology sector. With years of experience in the formation and successful operation of enterprises in the highly competitive public sector and government contracting arena, he brings a solid foundation of business knowledge and expertise.

Susan S. Walker / Member

Dr. Walker is very active in health initiatives in Laredo and northern Mexico and serves on the editorial board of the Revista latinoamericana de enfermagem. She received an award for "exemplary public service and community building" from the Texas A&M University system and the Zaffirini Award for leadership and scholarship from Texas A&M International University.

Mercurio Martinez, Jr. / Member

Mr. Martinez is an educator, rancher, and businessman from  Laredo, Texas. From 1991 to 2002, he was the County Judge of Webb County in South Texas. Mercurio is president of Laredo Community College Board of Trustees. He was appointed by President Carter as the Regional Administrator of SBA--Texas New Mexico Oklahoma Arkansas Louisiana. A former banker and college professor, he has been a rancher for his adult life.

Quill R. Ferguson / Member

Gaining a broad range of experience throughout his long military career, Quill was placed in various leadership and management roles while working with US and foreign government inter-agency organizations and industries. Quill served on active duty in the US Army for 30 years in multiple positions requiring mission critical communications and information management solutions.

  • To provide a sustainable training platform
  • To provide the academic environment from which to develop advanced practices
  • Use technology and best practices to improve agricultural performance
  • To provide diversified educational opportunities

We will provide an educational platform based upon a functional enterprise to provide training in several disciplines involved with sustainable farming and ranching.

  • Equipment operation
  • Climate sciences
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Automation systems
  • Irrigation techniques
  • Organic production
  • Resource management

Based upon a sustainable business model, we provide a stable model for long term viability.

  • We are providing a springboard for education
  • We are operating a working model for educational purposes
  • We are operating test facilities to advance the use of technology
  • We use donated dollars to maximum benefit due to the fact that the enterprise is self-sufficient