Program 2

Urban Conservation Project

USDA Grant NR197442XXXXC050

Partner: Laredo College


Project Objectives

Provide vegetable production on a 2.5 acre area at the STAR farm in Webb County to create an urban garden to support Webb County, Texas. The project will include two High Tunnels, as well as a traditionally irrigated garden area. Our project will determine whether a sustainable model is a viable solution in the Webb County area near Laredo Texas.
The 2 high tunnels will be 24’ x 105’ and will be spaced to allow a wind break and limited shelter for the traditional garden areas that will be located adjacent to the high tunnels. The high tunnels and the traditional garden area will be rotated in and out of production throughout the year to take the greatest advantage of the available growing season while protecting against the harsh environment of the South Texas locale.


  • Civil works to level and prepare the gardening area
    Installation of Qty 2 24’ x 105’ high tunnel units
    Installation of pumping and piping for water distribution
    Drip irrigation system installation for the traditional agriculture operations Planting
    On-going maintenance
    Community outreach via Laredo College the school districts.


This project is aimed more toward an urban garden setting and is part of our portfolio of projects which will become a learning center for our Laredo College vocational students, and the local independent school districts. The local community will benefit from our production as we will provide 100% of the production of the urban garden project to the surrounding community for free.


  Civil Works ground preparation for high tunnels and garden


$ 5,000

  High Tunnel procurement


$ 15,000

  High Tunnel Installation



  Electrical power and distribution installation



  Installation of water pumps and piping



  Installation of drip irrigation system



  Plants, seeds, tools, supplies



  Maintenance and operations



  Outreach programs







Partial funding has been received through USDA Grant NR197442XXXXC050 in the amount of $10,500.

Sponsorships are available for the procurement of any of the budget items above, as well as for signage and branding at the project area.