Program 4

Trade Tools for Vocational Students

Partners: Laredo College

The tools and supplies needed by the Laredo College vocational program students, which are a requirement for the curriculum are also cost prohibitive to many of the students. We have partnered with Laredo College to provide as many tool kits as possible to be able to enable as many students as possible to enroll, and succeed in their vocational education.
Each of the welding students has a tool and safety equipment requirement of $336.76 to be supplied with the tools and safety equipment required to attend the class. Likewise, each of the electrician students has a required tool pouch and safety supply requirement costing $449.50.

Our goal is to supply 40 of each the required tool kits at a total cost of $31,450.
The STAR program incentivizes students to remain with their respective programs and provides the required tools and supplies to enable active participation and the greatest chance of success.
The toolkits can be branded with a sponsor logo to ensure long term visibility.