STAR Announces Its Third Award Winning Capstone Project

Texas A&M Students win 1st place in 2021 Engineering Project Showcase


Aguilares, TX— South Texas Advancement Resource (STAR) would like to congratulate our Texas A&M Capstone team, Andres Boccalandro, Hayden Dallmeyer and Lindsey Walton for winning first place in the Biological & Agricultural Engineers (BAEN) division at the Texas A&M 2021 Engineering Project Showcase held May 7th, 2021.

This Capstone team was tasked with the project “Water-Energy-Crop Analysis for Optimal Land Management & Irrigation”. In this project, STAR asked the Capstone team to design a crop, irrigation and energy plan that will generate a profit within 5 years on a 100-acre piece of property. Within this
project, the team faced many constraints such as harsh, dry and arid climate, no availability to connect with the electrical grid system and no pre-existing water well within the project area; only a 3-acre pre-existing stock tank.

To see a copy of this award-winning Design Report, “Water-Energy-Crop Analysis for Optimal Land Management & Irrigation”, please visit STAR’s website at


About STAR: STAR (South Texas Advancement Resource) is a non-profit organization based in Webb County, Texas. Founded in 2016, STAR provides Research and Educational programs for sustainable farming and ranching in South Texas. To learn more about STAR, become a project sponsor, or to make a donation, you can visit our website at or call Bill Raney at 956-763-3624.

Water-Energy-Crop Analysis for Optimal Land Management & Irrigation design report